by Heather Kidd

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Nicholas Mitchell sat in deep thought long after his realization that somewhere along the line he must have become shadow-lost. Yet he was still alive. Not only that, but the world around him seemed to have gone insane. Nothing was right. Where was the magic guild? Why was there a religion of Pessimism? As he sat, he wondered, What has happened to this world?

Meanwhile, Kristen Sparrowmarch, also known as Karystyn, ascended a staircase in her home seeking out her new companion and familiar, the tiny grey masked foxling she'd named Start. She jumped slightly in surprise when she noticed the creature's presence on the staircase, then put her hands to her hips. "Start! There you are!" she exclaimed, peering down at the foxling, which was smaller than most housecats.

Start, pleased at her success in startling Kristen, pointed her tail skyward in greeting and gave a happy, "Yarf!"

"I need you to check on Mykelos for me. He didn't seem himself..." Kristen requested.

Before the foxling located him, Nicholas Mitchell--also known as Mykelos--entered through the doorway of the house with its phoenix-patterned glass. He still had much to think about. What if that birdbeast is the Midnight Wizard? he wondered. The Midnight Wizard wouldn't have lied to me! Given what he'd seen of the world, he knew that there was a distinct possibility that the birdbeast might be his old friend. In that case, he might really be the Chanter--the man he so loathed. But if that were so, then how could Chanter exist separately from him? It still failed to explain how he could survive as one shadow-lost.

Later, Karystyn walked into her living room to discover Nicholas Mitchell, his collar down and his cape removed, asleep on her sofa with Start curled up asleep beside him. Karystyn sat near the sofa in an armchair, watching and waiting for him to awake in her pixie aspect, the faint glittering of pixie dust surrounding her in preparation for what she knew she had to do. She had questions, and she wasn't going to let him get away with never answering.


Yes, I know it took forever. But as you can see from the somewhat impromptu script, I've got some plans for the next strip. I'll be trying to color or shade the next strip, as well. You can think of it as my apology for being such a slacker.

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